Recovering after a Facelift Surgery

An accomplished plastic surgeon, David Santos, MD, currently practices at Facial Beauty in Bellevue, Washington. He provides a wide range of procedures and is especially experienced with facelift surgeries. Throughout the course of his career as a plastic surgeon, Dr. David Santos has completed more than 4,000 facelift surgeries, and he currently performs between 400 and 500 facelifts a year.

As with any surgery, facelift surgery requires that patients pay special attention to their activities and healing during the recovery stage. The process takes about two weeks to a month before patients are back to normal and includes several post-facelift appointments with the plastic surgeon to check on how the healing is progressing. Right after the surgery, most patients have some swelling and bruising. During the first week of recovery, patients should limit activity but not be completely bed-ridden. Within a couple days, most patients can move around the house, which promotes faster healing.

By the second week, swelling and bruises begin going away. There may be some tingling or numbness around the face, but that, too, should dissipate. It is important that patients are careful when brushing or working with their hair during this time because, while the staples are typically already removed, the incision can still be sensitive. By the third week, the incision is mostly healed, and most people cannot notice patients have had work done. Patients should still limit any exercise to basic walking or stretching and avoid hot showers or saunas. Finally, by the end of four weeks, most patients have resumed their normal activities.


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