Different Types of Face-Lifts

A board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. David Santos treats patients at Facial Beauty in Bellevue, Washington. With more than two decades of experience as a plastic surgeon, Dr. David Santos is familiar with a wide range of aesthetic facial procedures, having completed more than 4,000 face-lifts throughout his career.

There are a wide range of face-lift surgeries available, making it possible to accommodate each individual’s goals and preferences. The procedures vary in several ways, most notably by degree of invasiveness and incision type, and come with different risks. The following lists just a few of the available face-lift surgeries:

Traditional face-lift
Also called an SMAS face-lift, this type focuses on the neck and lower facial areas. The surgeon typically makes incisions along the hairline, tightening the muscles and lifting the skin to eliminate sagging. Traditional face-lifts are one of the least expensive options and are recommended for people with mild looseness and sagging around the middle of the face.

Deep-plane face-lift
The deep-plane face-lift involves lifting the skin at a deeper level than that of traditional face-lifts. Results last for roughly 10 years and are most dramatic among individuals with severe sagging. However, since they are much more invasive than traditional face-lifts, deep-plane lifts are much more expensive.

Short scar face-lift
This term covers a few subtypes, including the MACS and S-shaped lifts, but in general, short scar face-lifts are characterized by a smaller scar than those seen in traditional lifts. More popular among individuals who have minimal to moderate loose facial skin and few signs of aging on their neck, short scar lifts are another fairly inexpensive option.


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